Sunday, August 21, 2011


I cannot tell you how much the two people in the above picture mean to me!! You all know that the baby girl is WRG...but you may not know that the beautiful lady in the picture is my BEST friend LAH! She joined my sorority my third year of college. We became instant friends and that friendship has done nothing but grow over the last 8 years! She is th eperosn I know I can talk to about anything and she will always make me feel better. She is truly the epitome of a BEST FRIEND!

She is going to make me an Aunt in February!! I am so excited for her and Eric! WRG, Kyle and I cannot wait to me Baby Hammar!! She is going to make the most amazing mommy! She is a woman who loves God and knows that she must live her life for Him! She knows that the power of prayer and the belief that God will make it happen is the way to live. She inspires me to become a better person! I sometimes have a difficult time placing my whole life in God's hands. LAH has helped me realize that to have the best life possible, I have to leave it all up to him! She is a wonderful teacher and wife! I would love to work with such and amazing person and wonderful teacher! I am so lucky that God put us in each other's lives!

We cannot wait to find out this weekend whether Baby Hammar is a girl or boy!! LAH, I hope you know how much you mean to me!!

Summer update

I know it has been a long time since I updated! Summer was busy for us! Trips, time with family and friends, and I was taking Master's classes! So here is a quick update of our summer happenings!

I got to spend lots of time with WRG!!

We spent the 4th of July at the lake with family!

Kyle and I went to San Antonio, TX

We visited the Alamo

We took a family vacation to Helen, GA. Great family vacation!

Loved spending time with my husband and daughter! They are my world and being with them makes me so happy!

I promise I will do better updating!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Happy Father's Day to Father-in-law ~ Papa and my Daddy ~ Gramps too!

Kyle, Whitney and Papa the day after she was born

Gramps singing to Whitney ~ he used to sing to me when I was little

Me and Daddy on my wedding day ~ still Daddy's Little Girl


Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband!! You are an amazing man/husband/father! I am so lukcy to have you as my husband! Whitney is the luckiest little girl in the world to have you as her Daddy!

Our "First" Daughter ~ Sadie

Right after Whitney was born ~ Love at first sight!

My two favorites

Just like her Daddy :)

She loves playing with her Daddy

Kyle, you are a wonderful Daddy! Whitney and I both love you more than you will ever know!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Catching up

Here are a few things just to catch everyone up on what has been going on around here.

  • I get to spend EVERY day ALL day with my sweet little girl! I love every minute of it!

  • Kyle is enjoying working at PCHS. He has workouts 3 days a week....which is much better than 5 days so we are getting lots of time together too.

  • I am not as ahead on my school work as I thought I would be. I thought being out of school, I would get realyl ahead and not procrastinate.....but I was wrong. I would rather spend my days playing with WRG than doing school work and that is what I do.

  • I am looking forward to our vacations coming up....San Antonio June 30-July3 (just Kyle and me ~ WRG is staying with grandparents) and Helen July 6-9

  • I'm not looking forward to the 12-15 page paper that is due July 3....but I have to get it turned in by June 29.

I promise to do better blogging

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Things have been super busy with the end of school and all. Kyle got a new job, so we are excited about that! Whitney is getting so big! Can't believe she is 7 months old!! The last 7 months have been an absolute blessing!! I cannot imagine my life without her!! Here are some recent pictures!!

Playing in the hot tub (more like pool cause we turned the temp way down)...she LOVES the water

Such a happy girl!!

Like father, like daughter!! They are so much alike!! Look closely....the are laying the same way!!

Getting ready for church

My first graduation party....

first wedding....

I love squash!!

I promise to update more often since school is out!! I have a lot planned for this summer and cannot wait to share it all!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Job

I have an announcement.......

Kyle got a new job!!! He is going to be teaching High school math at Putnam County High School!!!! He will be the offensive coordinator for football and the head baseball coach!!! I am so proud of him!!! I get to stay at Jasper County Primary School and my mom will still be keeping Whitney!!!!

I am so proud of my hubby and know the kids at PCHS will love him!!! Way to go babe!!! GO WAR EAGLES!!!